A Proven Pathway to Optimal Well-Being

Conarium Wellness is devoted to increasing energy and well-being by uniting proven medical science and ancient therapies to help restore and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual life.

If you are ready to create your own personal ecosystem, consider the Conarium therapeutic flow.

Heal the Body

Boost energy levels via increased ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, improve circulation and detoxification, and consume the right nutrients. Then feel your body do what it does best: Heal-Restore-Regenerate.

Ease the Mind

The mind can be at ease when it’s in a State of Knowing. A well-documented synergy between sound science and ancient wisdom yields a repeatable and sustainable wellness philosophy that expands awarenesses and comforts the mind.

Feed the Soul

Allow yourself to Live Inspired (a.k.a. In Spirit) with the support and motivation of people who care about living a life in balance. Interact with, collaborate to create, or simply enjoy the wholesome content.

The Body Thrives in a Healing Ecosystem

When a body lives in an ecosystem conducive to healing, it does what it does best — supports functions, repairs and regenerates. Welcome Conarium into your practice and your daily life to help accelerate healing and achieve a lifestyle of total well-being.

Increase Value to Patients & Practice

Advance your thriving medical services with Targeted Hyperbaric Therapy. With proven science on your side, give patients an opportunity to recover faster from disabling conditions, all while growing the financial health of your practice.

Expand Your Wellness Offerings

Ancient healing techniques can provide better results when complemented with proven medical therapies. Enhance your therapeutic offering with solutions designed to increase energy, blood flow and repair.

Feel Better

Create a personalized ecosystem that enables you to live in physical, mental and spiritual balance. Embrace an approach that combines science, wisdom, support and spirituality to heal, restore and motivate you to do more.

Solutions for Your Well-Being

We live in the best of times, yet we’re not the best we can be!  Food, air and water quality is often questionable.  Stress levels and inflammation increase, circulatory pathways deteriorate, and toxins accumulate — resulting in poor health and a rise in chronic diseases. The carefully prescribed Conarium protocol is proven to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, elevate energy production, improve circulation, and aid tissue repair and regeneration.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBT)

Oxygen is the most important nutrient we consume. Unfortunately, oxygen can’t be supplemented effectively in oral or liquid forms. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers higher levels of oxygen in a safe, pressurized environment to accelerate healing for limitless conditions, illnesses and injuries.

Intelligent Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Low level light therapy hyper-targets areas of injury and pain, penetrates the cells and tissue, stimulates production of ATP, and promotes the release of Nitric Oxide (the body’s natural vasodilator). More energy = more blood flow = more oxygen = Enhanced Performance + Accelerated Recovery.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Radiant heat from IR Sauna envelopes the body, penetrating deeply into joints, muscles and tissues to increase oxygen flow and circulation, and provides an array of health benefits, from healing to detoxification to pain relief and stress reduction.

Peat Hyperthermia Therapy

Also known as Mud Bath Therapy, this powerful home therapy uses nature’s pharmacy – rare earth minerals and natural sulfur from unpolluted and uncontaminated peat formed over thousands of years – to deliver pain relief, muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory healing.


Are you tired of not being able to stick to your plans?  Is it frustrating that the information you need is in five different sites?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that connected you to content that is relevant to true wellness?  Conarium Wellness will be the portal that will help you connect, collaborate, and consume information to inspire you to attain your wellness goals.

My Journey to Total Wellness

Hi, my name is Rafael, and I am passionate about challenging the status quo in wellness and medicine.  Even though the wellness and medical industries have helped millions around the world, I believe there are still many gaps.  I believe collectively we can do better...

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The Conarium Therapeutic Flow

The Conarium therapeutic flow energizes the body, improves circulation, detoxifies the body, and focuses on targeted nutrition.  That flow creates an ecosystem where the body can do the rest… heal, repair and restore. As Conarium works on helping improve the...

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The Conarium Approach to Healing

The word Conarium means “Pine Cone” in Latin.  A pine tree is one of the few trees that stays green and strong during the harsh winter months.  We believe that, like the pine tree, the human body can stay healthy and strong in today’s challenging world if it lives in...

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