Hi, my name is Rafael, and I am passionate about challenging the status quo in wellness and medicine.  Even though the wellness and medical industries have helped millions around the world, I believe there are still many gaps.  I believe collectively we can do better and that’s why Conarium Wellness exists.  I started Conarium specifically to help people create and live in ecosystems that are conducive to healing.  I intend for those ecosystems to be accessible, affordable, effective, comprehensive and sustainable.

There seems to be a myriad of products and solutions in the market today that are very effective in helping us heal and be healthier.  Then why are we suffering so much as a society?  Well, I think it is because the solutions are not accessible, affordable, effective, comprehensive and sustainable.  Some solutions meet one, two or three of these criteria but not all; then people stop using them and their health deteriorates.

In this blog I will document my personal journey toward my optimal health using the Conarium philosophy.  As you can read in the About page, at Conarium we believe that we live better lives when we care for our whole self – body, mind and soul.  We believe that with sound medical science, ancient wisdom, inspiring content and support, we can create and sustain ecosystems of therapies that facilitate a lifestyle of well being and self healing.  For this blog series, I am going to create an environment for myself, and undergo a series of therapies that include modern science and ancient wisdom. I will document my progress for you to see and comment on.

Why am I doing this?  Well, according to my cardiologist, I have heart disease and I must be on statins permanently.  I was told this back in 2013.  I did not take the statins then and I have no plans in doing so.  Instead, I made changes in my life.  Some of them worked, some didn’t.  My physical exams would sometimes show great progress, and then other times they didn’t.  It’s been very frustrating as you can imagine.

I am changing all of that now. I will follow a program that will lead to unexpected positive results and show my followers (and my doctors) that not only can we live a life of healing, but we can also recover from some of the ailments that many medical practitioners say we must to live with. But I want to be clear: I don’t have any disdain for modern medicine.  Quite the contrary, it plays a crucial role in our society, which is taking care of trauma.  If I get run over by a car and my leg is broken in multiple places, I am going to find the best orthopedic surgeon to help me get better.

On the other hand, I believe chronic conditions caused by our lifestyles can be greatly improved with minimal or no medication if we immerse ourselves in the proper ecosystem of therapies. I will chronicle my journey with articles, videos and other content that inspires me along the way.  In time, I will welcome others to share their own stories and journeys with us in this forum.