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Welcome Conarium into your home or practice to accelerate healing and achieve a lifestyle of total wellness.  Unifying proven medical science, ancient therapies and wholesome nutrition improves the body’s ability to heal, restore, maintain and perform.  Conarium connects independent therapies and solutions to create a personalized healing program for optimal well-being.  Contact our Wellness Guides to feel amazing and live better!

HBT Chambers

Soft Shell Portables

Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 — $$$$
32” Diameter x 92” Length
Up to 1.3 ATA

Oxyhealth Respiro 270 — $$$
27” Diameter x 88’” Length:
Up to 1.3 ATA


Hard Shell

Fortius 420 — $$$$$
42” Diameter x 91” Length
Up to 3.0 ATA
Includes Oxygen Concentrator, Connections & Masks, Mattress

The Fortius 420 is not for home use, medical professionals only. Contact us for details.

Contact Us to purchase, ask questions or learn about our HBT Rental Program.

Low Level Light Therapy Packages

Intelligent LLLT hyper-targets areas of injury and pain, penetrates the cells and tissue, stimulates production of ATP, and promotes the release of Nitric Oxide. More energy = more blood flow = more oxygen = Enhanced Performance and Accelerated Recovery.

CLASSIC PACK (3 Port, 3 Pad System) $3,890

  • LS XP3 Port Personal Controller
  • LSG 264 General Pad Red & Infrared
  • LSL 132 Local Pad Red or Blue & Infrared
  • LSF 104 Face Pad Blue & Red

PORTABLE PACK (1 Port, 1 Pad System) $1,900

  • LS XP1 Port Rechargeable
  • LST 90 Target Pad Red & Infrared

For our full range of light products and packages visit lsprosystems.com/products

See NASA Study on Effects of LLLT on Wound Healing

For more information contact us

Peat Hyperthermia Therapy (PHT)

Naked Mud Peat Detox Baths

$20 per bottle

Naked Mud is a nourishing PHT winner of “World’s Best Peat.” It is sourced from deep sedimentation in a secluded region of Canada where the bio-degradation of plant materials began over 40,000 years ago. Benefits include:

  • Detoxes with anti-viral properties that increase circulation, reduces stress, pain and inflammation, and supports healthy aging.
  • Enhances the immune system and cardio conditioning, improves osteoarthritis and promotes softer, more flexible skin.

Let’s Create Your Personalized Wellness Protocol

As a Conarium client, you receive a free consultation with one of our Medical staff members. You will learn how these therapies work best together and specifically for your health and lifestyle goals. Then, one of our Medical staff members creates a wellness therapy protocol with prescribed dosages, therapy flow and frequencies.

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