The Science of Healing Begins with Circadian Rhythm Management

Transform your home into a space conducive for healing with circadian lighting aligned with your biological clock.

Light is a Catalyst for Sleep, Healing and Health

Sleep is imperative for optimal health and cognitive function because sleep promotes healing. This healing reduces inflammation, which in turn improves circulation, which then rejuvenates the body and improves mental health.

Conarium Wellness introduces a breakthrough lighting experience for home,the same patented technology that helps regulate the circadian rhythms of astronauts in the International Space Station.

Attune your spaces to your biological needs with a circadian lighting system that mimics the sun’s natural cycles, so at night you sleep and heal better, and during the day you are energized and productive.

Circadian Lighting System

The SunLync Beacon + 6 SunTrac A19 Light Bulbs

Your SunLync beacon synchronizes to the sun’s cycle and relays a signal to all A19 smart lights, which respond with the appropriate spectrum and intensity for the time of day. This helps regulate your circadian rhythm, enables you to naturally feel more energized, alert and focused during the day, and helps prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.

Circadian Lighting System


Get Conarium Wellness’ new Circadian Lighting System now for a one-time launch price of $399. Only 100 systems are available.

This system is the first of a series of patented technologies that will turn your home into a place where you experience the process of healing.

The new Circadian Lighting System from Conarium Wellness includes:

JOURNI Mobile Task Lighting

JOURNI makes it easier to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and boost energy when you need it. Designed using patented technology, the GoodNight sleep-enhancing setting encourages your body to naturally prepare for sleep, while the daylight-inspired GoodDay setting improves alertness with its circadian blue-enriched spectrum.

Let’s Create Your Personalized Wellness Protocol

As a Conarium client, you receive a free consultation with one of our Medical staff members. You will learn how these therapies work best together and specifically for your health and lifestyle goals. Then, one of our Medical staff members creates a wellness therapy protocol with prescribed dosages, therapy flow and frequencies.

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