The word Conarium means “Pine Cone” in Latin.  A pine tree is one of the few trees that stays green and strong during the harsh winter months.  We believe that, like the pine tree, the human body can stay healthy and strong in today’s challenging world if it lives in an ecosystem that is conducive to healing.  By elegantly combining proven science and ancient wisdom, we create a personalized healing ecosystem that can also include other healthcare and therapeutic disciplines.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBT)

Hyperbaric therapy uses modern technology to increase the air pressure around us in a controlled and safe environment. Intelligent oxygen supplementation leads to increased ATP production, and is scientifically proven to increase the body’s absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream, providing additional energy to fight disease, accelerate the healing of injuries, and improve health and vitality.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT delivers energy to various parts of the body via LEDs, and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic and healing benefits.  Studies show that near infrared light therapy stimulates the production of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) and Nitric Oxide (the body’s natural vasodilator).  When applied properly, various energy wavelengths penetrate the skin to different depths, providing energy cells need to increase circulation, healing and repair.

Infrared (IR) Sweat Therapy

Heat regulates many physiological processes in the body, including the immune system and metabolism.  In particular, IR heat, which is present in sunlight, is required for optimum health across all living things.  In an IR sweat therapy session, the body is in a safe and controlled environment, where the IR rays penetrate the skin and dissolve waste and harmful substances accumulated in our body.  Additionally, IR rays penetrate joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation. And providing an array of health benefits.  IR sauna therapy is a key element in overall wellness.

Peat Hyperthermia Bath Therapy (PHT)

A peat hyperthermia bath is a powerful detoxification therapy.  It stimulates the release of fat-stored toxins, it increases liver metabolism and conjugation of toxins, and improved circulation in the kidneys flushes toxins from the bloodstream.  Peat contains special elements of humic and fulvic acid, which aid in the chelation of heavy metals as well as natural waste products like lactic acid and uric acid. It is of the few therapies in the world that safely , effectively heat up deep tissue and fat and mobilizes harmful toxins from deeper tissue layers.  Finally, PHT induces significant bone marrow production supporting the immune system, balances hormones and reduces pain and inflammation.

Cellogie Nutrition Therapy

Our cells depend on three key ingredients to reach and maintain optimum health and wellbeing: Nutrition, Protection and Optimal Function.  Cellogie’s unique base is a fusion of two types of active ingredients formulated specifically to increase cellular nutrition and protection. This combination of powerful antioxidants with natural micronutrients, promotes the cells ability to function efficiently.

Doctors and researchers developed the patented Cellogie technology bio-granule by studying one of nature’s great miracles, the snowflake.  Using the snowball effect of crystallization, Cellogie has no need for binders, fillers, capsules or coatings that plague many supplements and impede proper digestion and nutrient absorption.